Saturday, March 21, 2015


 Holding your finger,
 I matched your steps ,
 I walked into this world.
 Remembering when i tried your shoes,
 I thought I've grown up .
 As whenever I fell down ,
 I looked up to you for support and protection.
 As i knew , you're the king of this world
 And i am the princess of your kingdom.
 As whenever I thought of my prince,
 I  try to find you in him .
 As you'll always be the first man in my life.
Now , when you are old
 I outstretch my hand to you to hold.
As it is my turn to walk you home.
'Cause my old man ,
You are my precious pearl ,
And I'll always be Daddy's little girl.

Tanya Ghosh

Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh