Friday, October 31, 2008


Paints and colors splashing on

With every stroke of brush
Foretelling a story.
As the blank projector opens its heart
For the curves and crunches
Of the characters,
That gets to life
There, stands still,
The Canvas

For the applauding hands
And the admiring eyes,
For the piece of art
As for the creator
Projecting the strings of emotions
With waves of colors,
That the appreciating audience sees…
There stands still,
The Canvas

Sometimes, for a lost love,
Throwing the grief in every portrait.
Sometimes, for a dreamer
Recreating magic of fantasies,
As he fancies his art.
Sometimes, the nature lover,
Portraying the beauty of this world.
But, with every changing brush
And with every different story,
There stands still,
The Canvas.

Wondering alone,
As it thinks about its existence,
It smiles to the
Ecstatic eyes for the
Cindering creation,
As who gets the glory,
For the sparkling art.
But, if someone remembers,
There stands still,
The Canvas

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


“The Woods Are Lovely , Dark & Deep

But I have Promises To Keep.
And Miles To Go Before I Sleep
And Miles To Go Before I Sleep!”

As rightly said by Robert Frost , the journey of life is as complex as a spider web and as simple as water. Also , it is as alluring as a twilight zone or horizon and also can be as distractive & dull as a donkey’s leap. It can be as fresh & juicy as a fruit and also can as dry as a desert . We have to complete this journey through hurdles & blossoms and that is a long way to go.

The refreshing innocence of a new blooming flower is bright as well as
extensively tender that needs care and protection to get nurtured. This is
reflected in a new born child that is unaffected by the harsh and rough storms
of life.
The age of innocence or the golden years can be depicted as the days of fantasies and wishes. As the introduction to the external world begins ,the philosophies and fantasies reshape themselves. The half survived innocence and the wild desires lead to a complex understanding of relationships , surroundings and life that brings a sand storm in this bewildering journey that distracts one from the original path. The cause of this vulnerability is the sudden exposure from a protected oyster , nurturing the precious pearl to a rough & dry barny or thorny world . The developing & nourishing high desires to fly up the sky and conquer the heights , of this unaware chic from its nest can destine it to an unknown danger . But the glamorous freedom and high expectations fade away the harsh realities .

This is a never ending process of transition which prevails all through this
journey of life . One learns all through this everlasting tour of life , but assures
himself to be the master of this game & confines himself into a well , covered
with vague pictures of his surroundings . The pillars of his wrong assumptions
about this illusionary world is destroyed only when he affronts with a naked
truth that until then was coveted with false implications.

I do think sometimes ,that what a strange wonder of life this is ,that the deep desiring freedom in a person’s life , lies in the days of sheltered childhood that otherwise are passed assuming as the days of imprisonment or in cage with no freedom to fly up the sky , with a nourishing dream to grow up to be old enough to live life in your own terms . Whereas , instead , after growing up , the freedom is lost in real sense , as , adulthood comes in a package with an illusionary coating of freeness , anchored with the chains of complexities of life & an everlasting struggle to survive.

A person , who frees himself from all the chains & forwards himself through this web of distraction & the alluring darkness , moulds himself and then barges out of all the hurdles , uninterrupted is a real WINNER.

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


Life that exists later on! Can we feel Death?

Sometimes , standing in front of a picture window, how small can one feel looking at the vast , infinite sky , how magnificent its aura , that brings out the inferiority in oneself.
Standing at the edge of a skyscraper, benevolently feeling the anchor beholding, hindering to fly.
It is like deceiving oneself, to illumine to be free and victorious in the fabricated gaudy picture.
How hard it is, to convince the obdurate mind to comprehend the nemesis of every living soul that the ransacking victory can only be achieved after the devout death .
One’s only sycophant is life that confines oneself to fear to infringe the set rules and distracts by compelling one to emulate with the other.
The occult mystery could only be soluted by overcoming the ordeal, and knowing the real truth, that life begins only when the pious death embraces life.
It is just a Quack with a gruesome shield.

By -- Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


A Wish to live the life.
A Wish to be more sharper than knife.
A Wish to go beyond the horizon.
A Wish to be like the sun risen.
A Wish which can be fulfilled.
A Wish in my heart filled.
A Wish to end the sorrows .
A Wish to remove the morose.
A Wish to cheer everyone.
A Wish to bring the fun.
A Wish to be free.
A Wish to be more erect like a tree.
A Wish to be more closer to life , with bright lights all around.
This is a keen search which will end when found……………..!

-- Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


With closed eyes,
docile framed
in a new world,
tenderly moving
in the wraps,
Vulnerable and soft,
the pink palms
trying to hold on
to someone
unknown, yet known,
and, there she felt
The Angel Touch.

When, she flashed her
eyes to look around,
she searched for someone
known in the faces
of the strangers.
But, as lost as she
cried to reach out to her,
with a failed search,
sobbing, she fell asleep
and went to the world of dreams.
Where, there, she felt
The Angel Touch.

Cuddling with the dolls ,
Making the mud houses ,
Playing around the garden ,
Running out the barge ,
As , she fell down and got hurt ,
she wept.
But , got magically healed ,
as she felt ,
The Angel Touch

With every step ,
her heart skipping a beat,
Sweating under her veil ,
With every dubious thought
in her mind ,
As she walked down the aisle ,
she closed her eyes and
prayed for support.
And there she felt
The Angel Touch.

Living a bloomed life,
she is weak and feeble,
Beaten with the bush of time.
Witnessing the uncertain tides,
And sailing with the waves of life,
she was never alone.
Beginning her journey,
she felt like a lonely traveler,
but with every station,
she had a companion,
known yet unknown.
And, now, when she
closes her eyes,
she wants to go to sleep
cuddled in her lap,
which she longed to do for years.
And then, she again feels
The Angel Touch.

-- Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


Over the days
I watch the vast sky
from the corner of the courtyard.
I try to recall,
the last I spread my wings
and go beyond the horizon.
There, in this golden cage,
I longed to feel the flight of freedom.
The shades of seasons go pass by.
Untouched, they kiss me bye.
The little boy wonders,
as he tries me to train
I want to feel the first shower of rain.
As the sun melted down, he came running home.
And, as he looked at my eyes,
I said, “I shall rest where there lies my nest".
As he felt my pain, he opened the door.
With a soft whisper, he let me go where I belong
As, once shall I again feel my wings of freedom.
To the vast sky, towards the horizon.

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


Following the darkness within,
Out I reach the amber of the world;
There left the footprints on the fragile petal of life.
Looking down back,
Do I wonder?
What left back?
Has its seed in the obscurant pages of the past or,
Imprints its values on the feeble future.
There, can I outreach the horizon withdrawing towards the self within.
The out bursting delusions explode to the far reached essence.
There are they,
Following the shades of the arch of the unreached stations,
I looked at them to feel that familiarity: to my own self,
As they are the;
Demark able, unstoppable shadows of the past,
Traveling along side my journey as an emissary;
Making me challenge the skeptic within.
There, the recluse emerges out of its seclusion to be the companion.
Sometimes, I do wonder,
That whether I am a refugee to it or a protégé.
There , I thwart to my vanquished ego ,
to let them wrest away the strength within.
Wandering in this labyrinth of this persecuting inner search,
I do perceive the vanishing footprints in the conceited pages of life.
There, they are ,
Bestowing signs of every unturned page ,
As always inseparable: The Following Shadows !

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Welcome to the 21st century. The modern age of high tech equipped life
on the fast race track of competition ; cutting edge to carve a niche
for oneself. The robotic lifestyle filled with the compulsion to survive
in the jungle of sadistic sarcasm , with compressing the other person
to minicure and crushing like a pebble to win over and get to top.
So, by now, we have the introduction of the new age man.

The development and the urge to develop further has created a never
ending race of materialistic and social power and the determination to
prove ones entity above other in the society in every possible respect
of life to earn the crowned place to be recognized .
The race begins just as soon as a kid goes to school. As he in that
level has to prove himself among the fellow students in entire way ...
there comes the first lap of the race. That goes on as adulthood where
he is faced with harder and stronger challenges to overcome and win by
the right attitude of manipulative , sadistic , edgy and destroying
any person coming on the way to walk up the ladder of success leaving
behind the self conscious and earthy human emotions he is born with. The
only difference is now he cant retain them for not even for a day he
has been introduced to the new world.
Now, also the fight begins as the values embodied clashes with the
the trials of coping up with the west.
Where, being warm and gentle is considered signs of vulnerability, one is left with a choice of having a self guarded and overpowering attitude.
Henceforth, as, we all here live with fake identities, so that we can protect ourselves from the critical world and can survive in this warfield of the developed civilization,
we have also lost ourselves ; as we all are rambling in this labyrinth just to find our paths to the undefined destination.
Success, stability, power and the wants has crosshatched the personal and
professional lives , therefore intrigued ourselves as machinery humans programmed to win over the challenging Axed life.

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


I am the blossom of seasons!
I am the curl of visions!
I am the product of fissions!
I am beyond the reasons!
I create whistles in the veins!
I am the flowering rains!
I am beyond losses or gains!
I am the relation of chains!
I am the poetry of poets!
I am the conjunction of fates!
I am the blessing after curses!
I am the creation of divine verses.
Too early to wait!
Too late to understand!
I give a tender touch to every heart!
I am there , either to combine or to part!
I am the messenger of love to everyone!
whoever feels me from inner heart in the long run!

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


Moving slowly,
Watching the steps,
Attended and focused,
Towards one way,
Shielded with pride,
Armed with power,
Looking ahead;
As it just felt,
Reminding me of, the journey ahead,
As I gasped at the milestone.

The memoirs speak,
Blinks, blushes and blesses,
As unturned by itself ,
But turning the pages,
Of mystic tales
Of hardships and struggles
Of acclaiming the destined station
Standing firm,
The monument calls itself the milestone……

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


The transient magic,
Casting the spell,
As the silence speaks
Through the enchanting eyes……………
Not with the brightness
Or with the talks ..
Turning with a soft smile,

As the dreamy eyes ,
Fancies romance,
The delicacy covers the curves.
The lashes rolls up and down
Brushing frivously,
Stirring recklessly the desire to be

The sensuous vulnerability,
The withdrawn appeal,
The thrusting desire,
Mysterious and vague
Waiting to be explored,
With a glimpse of a glance..
Are you CHARMED……….?

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

Thursday, October 23, 2008


What’s beauty without style…... is perhaps a painting without colors? Compatible companions are they, as one brings life to a piece of art so that it is admired by the others.

Beauty is something that is both conventional as well as path breaking as the way it appeals to the eyes of the beholder. And style is something that is undefined but is the orated form of beauty.

Style statements vary with the individuals and the changing fashion trends but it is something that speaks for an individual and reflects his or her entity. Someone without conventional good looks but with appealing personality endeavored with great style is much desirable than any other person. It is absolutely the way one carries out oneself in every stance irrespective of the situation or the outfit.

The pick is of choosing as being a trendsetter or a follower. As generally, anybody feels to adapt the ongoing trend to be in fashion and with the times. But style is not limited to an era or a period; it is for a person, as he wears it and projects.

The same enigma can be brought in by a pair of pajamas that shows in black ties or a svelte dress. But what matters is the way the outfits, the accessories going well with the purpose and the act to play the role perfectly are done. It is the self esteem of an individual and his art to present himself in any given situation; outfit or mannerism to pull it off with that much ease and comfort that can charm his interacting companion and the surroundings.

Living real with self confidence and self control with an open mind accepting new ideas wrapped with self secured independent attitude is the style one can adapt to be a trend- setter for others at any period of time.

Everyone is beautiful, but it’s only when one realizes it, that’s when others can see it.


Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

Monday, October 20, 2008


The grass below is sleeping as its thirsty.
The dried leaves rolling over it.
The cold wind engulfs the chilling silence.
the lonely petal flows with it as it cries for its bloomed root.
Standing alone with naked branches, I longed to see my beautiful world.

As the days pass by,
I look at my acquainted sky that has hid itself behind the blanket of clouds.
But, as I sense its pain for us , it broke its silence & wept for hours.
As its tears showered all over, it comprehended the longing thirst.
As I wanted to embrace my friend,
I saw a thwarting light filled with hope.
As it melted the darkness around,
There I see the chariot of seven colors painting the sky to welcome the arrival of the glowing sun.

As he patted the sleeping grass, it woke up to a new day.
My orated branches bend down to feel the touch of the velvety grass.
The pink bloomed with every petal smiling to the glory around.
The chirping of the birds reminds me of my granted wish - as I again see my beautiful world.

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


Berefting the chaste innocence,

Thawing the diffidence to dilate inner self

In order to break the Claustrophobia,

She coerced ahead into the boisterous world.

As dubious as she, wandered in the labyrinth of eccentric destination.

Where is the benign life - in the entrapment of baneful web?

But, as the audacity powered the circumspect,

The ardouring aspiration candoured the vulnerable.

The obscured pages began to be visible with her mental accretion.

And, as the wayward comprehended the rampant truth,

She emerged out of the cache of allegory into the real world .

-- Tanya Ghosh

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh