Friday, October 31, 2008


“The Woods Are Lovely , Dark & Deep

But I have Promises To Keep.
And Miles To Go Before I Sleep
And Miles To Go Before I Sleep!”

As rightly said by Robert Frost , the journey of life is as complex as a spider web and as simple as water. Also , it is as alluring as a twilight zone or horizon and also can be as distractive & dull as a donkey’s leap. It can be as fresh & juicy as a fruit and also can as dry as a desert . We have to complete this journey through hurdles & blossoms and that is a long way to go.

The refreshing innocence of a new blooming flower is bright as well as
extensively tender that needs care and protection to get nurtured. This is
reflected in a new born child that is unaffected by the harsh and rough storms
of life.
The age of innocence or the golden years can be depicted as the days of fantasies and wishes. As the introduction to the external world begins ,the philosophies and fantasies reshape themselves. The half survived innocence and the wild desires lead to a complex understanding of relationships , surroundings and life that brings a sand storm in this bewildering journey that distracts one from the original path. The cause of this vulnerability is the sudden exposure from a protected oyster , nurturing the precious pearl to a rough & dry barny or thorny world . The developing & nourishing high desires to fly up the sky and conquer the heights , of this unaware chic from its nest can destine it to an unknown danger . But the glamorous freedom and high expectations fade away the harsh realities .

This is a never ending process of transition which prevails all through this
journey of life . One learns all through this everlasting tour of life , but assures
himself to be the master of this game & confines himself into a well , covered
with vague pictures of his surroundings . The pillars of his wrong assumptions
about this illusionary world is destroyed only when he affronts with a naked
truth that until then was coveted with false implications.

I do think sometimes ,that what a strange wonder of life this is ,that the deep desiring freedom in a person’s life , lies in the days of sheltered childhood that otherwise are passed assuming as the days of imprisonment or in cage with no freedom to fly up the sky , with a nourishing dream to grow up to be old enough to live life in your own terms . Whereas , instead , after growing up , the freedom is lost in real sense , as , adulthood comes in a package with an illusionary coating of freeness , anchored with the chains of complexities of life & an everlasting struggle to survive.

A person , who frees himself from all the chains & forwards himself through this web of distraction & the alluring darkness , moulds himself and then barges out of all the hurdles , uninterrupted is a real WINNER.

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

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