Thursday, October 23, 2008


What’s beauty without style…... is perhaps a painting without colors? Compatible companions are they, as one brings life to a piece of art so that it is admired by the others.

Beauty is something that is both conventional as well as path breaking as the way it appeals to the eyes of the beholder. And style is something that is undefined but is the orated form of beauty.

Style statements vary with the individuals and the changing fashion trends but it is something that speaks for an individual and reflects his or her entity. Someone without conventional good looks but with appealing personality endeavored with great style is much desirable than any other person. It is absolutely the way one carries out oneself in every stance irrespective of the situation or the outfit.

The pick is of choosing as being a trendsetter or a follower. As generally, anybody feels to adapt the ongoing trend to be in fashion and with the times. But style is not limited to an era or a period; it is for a person, as he wears it and projects.

The same enigma can be brought in by a pair of pajamas that shows in black ties or a svelte dress. But what matters is the way the outfits, the accessories going well with the purpose and the act to play the role perfectly are done. It is the self esteem of an individual and his art to present himself in any given situation; outfit or mannerism to pull it off with that much ease and comfort that can charm his interacting companion and the surroundings.

Living real with self confidence and self control with an open mind accepting new ideas wrapped with self secured independent attitude is the style one can adapt to be a trend- setter for others at any period of time.

Everyone is beautiful, but it’s only when one realizes it, that’s when others can see it.


Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

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