Friday, October 31, 2008


With closed eyes,
docile framed
in a new world,
tenderly moving
in the wraps,
Vulnerable and soft,
the pink palms
trying to hold on
to someone
unknown, yet known,
and, there she felt
The Angel Touch.

When, she flashed her
eyes to look around,
she searched for someone
known in the faces
of the strangers.
But, as lost as she
cried to reach out to her,
with a failed search,
sobbing, she fell asleep
and went to the world of dreams.
Where, there, she felt
The Angel Touch.

Cuddling with the dolls ,
Making the mud houses ,
Playing around the garden ,
Running out the barge ,
As , she fell down and got hurt ,
she wept.
But , got magically healed ,
as she felt ,
The Angel Touch

With every step ,
her heart skipping a beat,
Sweating under her veil ,
With every dubious thought
in her mind ,
As she walked down the aisle ,
she closed her eyes and
prayed for support.
And there she felt
The Angel Touch.

Living a bloomed life,
she is weak and feeble,
Beaten with the bush of time.
Witnessing the uncertain tides,
And sailing with the waves of life,
she was never alone.
Beginning her journey,
she felt like a lonely traveler,
but with every station,
she had a companion,
known yet unknown.
And, now, when she
closes her eyes,
she wants to go to sleep
cuddled in her lap,
which she longed to do for years.
And then, she again feels
The Angel Touch.

-- Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

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