Friday, October 31, 2008


Following the darkness within,
Out I reach the amber of the world;
There left the footprints on the fragile petal of life.
Looking down back,
Do I wonder?
What left back?
Has its seed in the obscurant pages of the past or,
Imprints its values on the feeble future.
There, can I outreach the horizon withdrawing towards the self within.
The out bursting delusions explode to the far reached essence.
There are they,
Following the shades of the arch of the unreached stations,
I looked at them to feel that familiarity: to my own self,
As they are the;
Demark able, unstoppable shadows of the past,
Traveling along side my journey as an emissary;
Making me challenge the skeptic within.
There, the recluse emerges out of its seclusion to be the companion.
Sometimes, I do wonder,
That whether I am a refugee to it or a protégé.
There , I thwart to my vanquished ego ,
to let them wrest away the strength within.
Wandering in this labyrinth of this persecuting inner search,
I do perceive the vanishing footprints in the conceited pages of life.
There, they are ,
Bestowing signs of every unturned page ,
As always inseparable: The Following Shadows !

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

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