Friday, October 31, 2008


Life that exists later on! Can we feel Death?

Sometimes , standing in front of a picture window, how small can one feel looking at the vast , infinite sky , how magnificent its aura , that brings out the inferiority in oneself.
Standing at the edge of a skyscraper, benevolently feeling the anchor beholding, hindering to fly.
It is like deceiving oneself, to illumine to be free and victorious in the fabricated gaudy picture.
How hard it is, to convince the obdurate mind to comprehend the nemesis of every living soul that the ransacking victory can only be achieved after the devout death .
One’s only sycophant is life that confines oneself to fear to infringe the set rules and distracts by compelling one to emulate with the other.
The occult mystery could only be soluted by overcoming the ordeal, and knowing the real truth, that life begins only when the pious death embraces life.
It is just a Quack with a gruesome shield.

By -- Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

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