Monday, October 20, 2008


The grass below is sleeping as its thirsty.
The dried leaves rolling over it.
The cold wind engulfs the chilling silence.
the lonely petal flows with it as it cries for its bloomed root.
Standing alone with naked branches, I longed to see my beautiful world.

As the days pass by,
I look at my acquainted sky that has hid itself behind the blanket of clouds.
But, as I sense its pain for us , it broke its silence & wept for hours.
As its tears showered all over, it comprehended the longing thirst.
As I wanted to embrace my friend,
I saw a thwarting light filled with hope.
As it melted the darkness around,
There I see the chariot of seven colors painting the sky to welcome the arrival of the glowing sun.

As he patted the sleeping grass, it woke up to a new day.
My orated branches bend down to feel the touch of the velvety grass.
The pink bloomed with every petal smiling to the glory around.
The chirping of the birds reminds me of my granted wish - as I again see my beautiful world.

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

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