Saturday, October 25, 2008


Welcome to the 21st century. The modern age of high tech equipped life
on the fast race track of competition ; cutting edge to carve a niche
for oneself. The robotic lifestyle filled with the compulsion to survive
in the jungle of sadistic sarcasm , with compressing the other person
to minicure and crushing like a pebble to win over and get to top.
So, by now, we have the introduction of the new age man.

The development and the urge to develop further has created a never
ending race of materialistic and social power and the determination to
prove ones entity above other in the society in every possible respect
of life to earn the crowned place to be recognized .
The race begins just as soon as a kid goes to school. As he in that
level has to prove himself among the fellow students in entire way ...
there comes the first lap of the race. That goes on as adulthood where
he is faced with harder and stronger challenges to overcome and win by
the right attitude of manipulative , sadistic , edgy and destroying
any person coming on the way to walk up the ladder of success leaving
behind the self conscious and earthy human emotions he is born with. The
only difference is now he cant retain them for not even for a day he
has been introduced to the new world.
Now, also the fight begins as the values embodied clashes with the
the trials of coping up with the west.
Where, being warm and gentle is considered signs of vulnerability, one is left with a choice of having a self guarded and overpowering attitude.
Henceforth, as, we all here live with fake identities, so that we can protect ourselves from the critical world and can survive in this warfield of the developed civilization,
we have also lost ourselves ; as we all are rambling in this labyrinth just to find our paths to the undefined destination.
Success, stability, power and the wants has crosshatched the personal and
professional lives , therefore intrigued ourselves as machinery humans programmed to win over the challenging Axed life.

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

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