Thursday, February 9, 2012


Fire of emotions ,
that pave away
like the tender touch ,
A splash of water thrown on it
like a cool breezy air ,
to ignite it further ,
or the burning desire
that engulfs the thirst .
As it  heats up again ,
 till  it cools down further ....
 what is it , that transpires within ?
A current of thought ,
or , a chain of entanglement ?
Is that a withdrawn reaction ?
or been asked to give away .
The blow of imagination ;
when it ornaments the facts .
Its not the mirage ...
but its the reflection of oneself.
As when it breaks the mirror ,
Does it follow again ?
or its the neverending chase .
as the voice cuts in
and smile away
The passion never dies ,
even when the fire burns out .
As the jungle  on the travellers way ,
he can be lost but definitely finds his way .
what it demands to the nature ...
when looking at its last feather ..?
the fire is still on .....
just for the last breath ,
but still , the passion lives on .........

Tanya Ghosh

Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

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