Friday, January 2, 2009

" IS THAT YOU " ( journey of a woman )

I hear the soft steps around the barge.
Smiling sweetly with giggling sound.
Peeped through the door,
as I turned,
"Is that you?"

Looking through the school gate into a new world,
the fear of strangers in the heart.
Walking up the classroom & to the teacher,
you wanted to run to your mother's arms to feel protected ,
I wondered ,
"Is that you?"

Glowing & blushing with mischief in the hazel eyes,
You glanced into the mirror & thought ,"hey gorgeous".
With fancies & fairies, you wanted to fly to a dreamy world,
I fantasized ,
"Is that you?"

I hear the bells, the rush & excitement,
fluffing the bridal dress & orating.
I see the tears of joy & sorrow rolling down the blushing cheeks.
Turning your back, as you moved ahead,
I called,
"Is that you?"

The cradle is swinging.
With love and affection in the eyes, holding & caressing
A delicate baby in the arms,
as you looked at your own part,
I whispered,
"Is that you?"

Standing in front of a portrait of a blossomed family,
with a serene , pleasant smile.
I can sense the familiar soft steps around.
Peeped through the door,
And as I turned ,
I see through the aged hazel eyes ,
" Oh,That is you .

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh


MangoMan/Bunty said...

ah, lovely!

Jayant said...

Good one. To be honest, I'm not much into reading/writing poetry, as I think its girly stuff but I was so wrong!
Hope to read more from you!