Thursday, January 1, 2009


Standing alone on this stage,
I try to recall ,
as , when i used to sing like a cuckoo
for the million ears.
The grandeur admiration,
with the sound of applaud,
echoing through the walls of this theatre,
reminded me always ,
of my ardouring aspiration,
to be crowned to win million hearts.
But, I never felt like a queen.
As, I wanted to reign,
into one heart,
where there lived music,
from where born the notes
of the song for my voice,
for million ears.
And for million of years.

Still, I see you scribbling down
the notes on the blank pages.
Painting them with colors of emotions.
As, every word asked me for my voice,
I lend them benevolently,
just to search for
those special words I longed to hear.

For my uncomprehended music,
over the time.
There, I sang my last song,
where i found my rampant words,
out of a compassionate heart,
that never spoke.
But, the fading breaths,
rythmed the beats ,
of a new music of love.
For my last song
that i wished to sing for years.
As my eyes get filled with tears,
i feel your presence around.
And just as i felt your whisper in my ears,
my voice cracked
to the cry of my heart
as it called on to you.
There, i promise,
As, I shall live with this music
and wait until,
our souls reunite in the paradise of love
where i shall sing the last song for you.

Tanya Ghosh
Copyright ©2007 Tanya Ghosh

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